Natural Dental Products

Natural Dental Products

I am so excited to introduce 2 new products into our office: Dental Herb Co.’s Tooth & Gums Tonic and Tooth & Gums Paste.

I learned of these products in a seminar and Dental Herb Co. was kind enough to send me a patient kit, which I passed along to a someone that I hoped it would benefit. Honestly, a month later (also thanks to the help of Lisa, his hygienist) his gums looked amazing! He’s a fan, and made sure I knew that he’d be out of the product by March and wanted more. Honestly, that convinced me of its effects.


Dental Herb Co. products are made from pure essential oils & organic herb extracts. They are free of alcohol, fluoride, preservatives, SLS, artificial colors, & synthetic dyes

This specific blend of natural ingredients work together in amazing ways… The Tonic is antiseptic – it kills bacteria, while also conditioning and rebuilding oral tissues and fighting bad breath. Additionally, the Tooth & Gums Paste contains Green tea extract, which has been found to be a potent anticariogenic (anti-cavity forming) agent, by interfering with the ability of bacteria to adhere to your teeth.

Specific Indications

  • Long-term periodontal maintenance – Tooth and Gums tonic is antiseptic.  Its ability to fight bacteria rivals that of other Rx-strength rinses.  However, unlike other products it is non-staining!
  • Halitosis (bad breath) – The ingredients in T&G Tonic are scientifically proven to fight bad breath.  The product ranked as the #1 antihalitosis product in a large study conducted by the well known, independent research organization, Clinical Research Associates.
  • Xerostomia (dry mouth) – T&G Tonic is alcohol-free, so it will not dry out your mouth.  Additionally, the blend of herbs and essential oils are found to have a soothing, conditioning effect.
  • Those who prefer natural, fluoride-free, alcohol-free, and/or SLS-free products

…And, literally, anyone else!

If these products are of interest to you, let us know. Call, email, or come in… I’d be happy to share what I’ve learned about them with you!

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