March Flossing Challenge!

Northstar March Flossing Challenge!   This challenge encourages you to incorporate flossing into your daily routine. Why Take the Challenge? Flossing is a vital part of your oral hygiene routine that can significantly impact your overall dental health. Prevent Gum Disease Cavity Prevention Fresh Breath Enhance Overall Health How to win? Pick up the official […]

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Employee Spotlight: Olivia

1. How long have you been with Northstar? Two and a half years 2. What is your job title? dental hygienist 3. What is your favorite part about working at Northstar? I love teaching people how to better themselves 4. What is the last book you read? A game of thrones 5. Who is someone […]

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Filler February!

Juvederm is a dermal filler that adds volume to the areas of the face where it’s needed. – It’s natural to experience volume loss with age. – This volume loss can result in deep folds around the mouth and nose, sunken cheeks, or thin lips. Juvederm adds immediate, natural-looking volume with results seen immediately and […]

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