Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Northstar Family Dental Gives Back!

Simply put; giving back is a fundamental part of the Northstar Family Dental Core Values. Always has been, always will be.

Shortly after Dr. Christina Kulesa opened the doors to the practice in 2010 she began an ongoing bi-monthly charity program. Every other month, a charity or non-profit organization is chosen and a portion of the practice’s sales are given to the respective organization. As a family owned and operated business owner, she understands that her community is the heartbeat of her business and giving back on a local level is her way of staying connected while saying “thank you.”

Dr. Kulesa makes a conscious effort to encourage her staff and patients to become involved in choosing the charitable organizations. If there is a local or national charity or non-profit organization that is near and dear to your heart – let us know! We would love to consider it for a future featured charity sponsorship.

Previous Monthly Charitable Recipients Include but are Not Limited to:

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