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Zoo Trip & My (Failed) Photography Mission

Zoo Trip & My (Failed) Photography Mission

I spent yesterday at the zoo, and of course, one of my main objectives was to get an amazing picture of an animal’s teeth to share on my new Blog.

I spent 10 minutes with my camera up to a window, trying to get a pic of this beaver’s teeth.  In addition to about 10 pictures of brown blurs, what I got was this… Needless to say, he (or she?) would not cooperate. Also, I am definitely far from a master photographer! But I did learn some interesting facts about the teeth of these interesting animals…

Did You Know…

  • Beavers’ teeth never stop growing!
  • Their teeth are self-sharpening.  They have hard (and orange!) enamel on the front of their teeth, and softer dentin on the back… the back wears faster, creating a sharp (and strong) cutting surface.
  • Beavers’ lips are BEHIND their teeth.  This way, they can carry branches without drowning.
  • Beavers can chew through a six inch tree in 15 minutes!!
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