Stretches and Aftercare

Stretches and Aftercare


Muscles around the mouth, jaw, neck, and throughout the body can be tense from a tongue tie; improving tongue motion along with whole body posture and movement is important to the success of the release.


Full tongue motion in all directions (up, out, side to side) to allow released tissue to heal with more flexibility and strength for better feeding function.


4x/day for 4 weeks, it may be helpful to do after a feeding when the infant is relaxed and tongue is warmed up with movement; follow with a feeding to further apply new movement.


Massage and tongue lifts to strengthen head, face, and mouth muscles, 4 repetitions each; tummy time.

1. Facial massage: slowly stroke around eyes, across cheeks, downward from ears to chin, and then around mouth
What you should see: some jaw opening with tongue movement upward and outward
2. Oral massage: slowly trace lower gum and upper gum side to side
What you should see: tongue moving side to side
3. Tongue lifts: gently press downward under one side of the tongue and hold a few seconds, gently press down on the other side and hold a few seconds, follow with gently pressing down on both sides simultaneously and then lifting the tongue
What you should see: tongue lifting upward with a white or yellowish diamond-shaped wound underneath that gets thinner as it heals
4. Lip Lifts: place fingers in fold of front upper lip and gently pull upward to cover nostrils
5. Tummy Time: see

What you should see:

Hands coming to mouth, jaw opening, tongue coming out as with latching, head movement equally side to side.


Follow-up with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) within 2-3 days.
Sometimes there is an immediate improvement in feeding and sometimes it is incremental.
Skin to skin and warm baths can be comforting.
Additional work with a bodyworker (PT, OT, DO, Chiropractor, Craniosacral Therapist, Massage Therapist skilled in working with infants) to facilitate more balanced movement and function.

Pain Control:

Skin to skin, frequent breastfeeding as able, warm baths.
Children’s Tylenol starting upon return home and every 4-6 hours for 2-3 days.

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