Banish Bad Breath!

Banish Bad Breath!

What Causes Bad Breath

 And bacteria’s food is your food. Therefore, to avoid bad breath, the most important habit to maintain is to keep your mouth clean — brush, floss, rinse, and even use a tongue scraper. If you clean away their food, the bacteria can’t proliferate and bad breath is tamed. Cavities and periodontal disease will cause bad breath!

Some foods and drinks.Garlic and onions contain smelly sulfur compounds that linger in your mouth, and then are exhaled after they enter the bloodstream. Coffee and alcohol create an environment that favors bacterial growth. They also dry out your mouth, which perpetuates bad breath.

Dry mouth is a major factor. Saliva is a natural antibacterial, and it washes away food. Remember to stay hydrated. This can help keep nighttime dry mouth at bay and will help to keep away morning breath, as well as daytime bad breath.

A low carb diet can also cause bad breath. Because your body is burning fat instead of sugar/carbs, your body is under a state of ketosis. You develop “ketone breath” because some ketones made by your body are released in your mouth, and they are stinky!

Certain foods can help to banish bad breath.

Green tea – Green tea has antibacterial components that can kill bad breath germs.

Herbs – Herbs (parsley, coriander, cilantro, tarragon, eucalyptus, rosemary, cardamom) contain chlorophyll, which is a natural breath deodorizer. It helps neutralize body odors. Parsley is tasty when added to water. These herbs can also be juiced, chewed on their own, or added to food.

Water – Water helps to decrease dry mouth to neutralize the pH of your saliva, both of which help to fight bad breath. Rinse with water after eating and drinking.

Foods high in Vitamin C – These foods (think oranges, melon, berries) Can stop bacteria from growing and help to neutralize odors from smelly foods.

Yogurt – Live active cultures can help to reduce bad breath. Probiotics in some yogurt varieties can overpower the bad-smelling bacteria.

Cinnamon flavored gum – While mint flavor masks bad breath, cinnamon may actually fight the bacteria causing bad breath. Always remember to buy a sugar-free variety!

If you suffer from bad breath, be sure to discuss it with your dentist. We can offer dietary advice, recommend products, and determine the cause of the problem so that it can be effectively treated. Keep in mind that bad breath can sometimes be an underlying symptom of other health problems, including liver problems, acid reflux, diabetes, and sinus infections.

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